Episode 9: I'm Gonna Burn One Down

Brianna gets creature effects, and a flesh wound. Genevieve looks for her motivation. The producers decide whether or not a blowtorch makes sense in a small wooden space.

It is the first monster shoot day, and the actors express their excitement. The special effects makeup artist makes a gash on Brianna’s ankle. Meanwhile, a breaker is tripped and the power goes out for a few minutes, holding up the makeup process. Ryan is disgusted, amazed, and attracted by the gash on Brianna’s foot. Genevieve and Brianna discuss their hesitations for an action scene. They argue their case to David about the intentions that their characters need to have, acting out of desperation, and finally come to a conclusion. A safety problem arises with a scene in the woodshed that features a blowtorch; Shane and Brianna are worried about the danger of a flame inside a tight flammable space. The problem is solved with a close-up shot that pleases everyone.


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