Episode 8: I Smell a Rat

Shane takes us through some of the more interesting props in a horror film, namely, dead rodents. Brianna is concerned about her scenes. The cast unwinds after the first day of shooting.

Shane pulls out the rodent props, consisting of three adult Gourmet Rodent mice, and a rat, which he might have to defrost. The cast shares some laughs about one of the mice having pooped and then get back to work, just like that. Brianna has a private chat with the camera about the underwater shoot. She expresses that she wasn’t so sure about the scene in the woods; she is nervous because she can’t see the vision yet, but is optimistic that, with the miracle of editing, it will all fall into place. The cast is settling in after the first full day with food and alcohol and partake in Nintendo Wii. Bart has some difficulties operating the microwave, which strikes David as humorous because his DP should have a better grasp on technology. “This is Movie Life After Dark.”

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