Episode 6: The House

Nick and Ryan give “Cribs” style tour of the house. Brianna and Cynthia take a dip in the hot tub. The cast and crew go to the beach and jump in the water. Ryan gives the tour of the house. The second scene is shot. Brianna and Cynthia go hot tubbing. The team charges the ocean.

The episode begins in the crew van as they attempt to drive to Nick’s house, where the majority of the film is taking place. Shane explains that they are not lost, just out of the way. David complains of hunger because he is allowed to, while no one else can. The next scene that is being shot is the cast driving up to house. Shane explains how David’s vision is to not let actors see the house until they do as characters, to help them live in the moment. As a creepy mist rolls over the property, Ryan gives a “Cribs” style tour of the house. The tour continues to the hot tub with Cynthia and Brianna taking a dip and commenting on the shark décor. The episode ends on the beach with the cast and crew charging the water.

Music by Bloodstreet


So awesome... It looks like the movie will actually be really professionally done

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