Episode 5: Hands on the Wheel... Please.

Bekim's driving makes the whole case a little nervous. Nicholas and Genevieve discuss not smoking. The cast goes for wardrobe fittings, and shoots the first scene.

Bekim drives the cast to the Hamptons while the crew takes another van. Everyone in the cast van is apprehensive that Bekim is driving and dancing at the same time. Brianna speaks to the camera in a voiceless aside, mouthing that she is scared of Bekim driving without his hands on the wheel. Nick tells Genevieve how he quit cigarettes, and she expresses her approval. The cast and crew stop at the Flying Point surf shop to pick out bathing suits and T-shirts with duplicates for the film. Brianna is concerned of her breast size and looks for a top with padding. She settles on a nice blue one. The episode ends with David running through with the cast the first scene that is shot for the film. They are pulling up to a parking lot. He explains the stylization of the scene that he is looking for. He and Ryan discuss his intentions for the early shots. He lets them know that it will be epic.

Music by Bloodstreet

Tk Thomas

Ok ok


Who's that in the background with a new deck??


Best episode yet, looking forward to episode 6!


That’s not just logic. That’s ralely sensible.

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