Episode 4: The Credit Sequence

David and Shane shoot the credit sequence, and things get bloody. Brianna finds people to help her spin the cube on Astor. Bekim convinces the crew that he won't trash the Ford FLEX.

This episode features the Mexico opening credits shoot. David needs to cast the two Mexican field hand characters on the fly. He and Shane receive a few favors, one being two Long Island locals who don’t speak a word of English. The day has been insane, and we see them washing cow blood off of the novice actors. David describes the shoot as being under the gun the entire time, pulling it off by favors and a six-pack of beer. The Mexico shoot scene ends with the iconic shot of the Evil Weed plane taking off. Brianna is still on St. Marks trying to push the “cube,” which is not a one-woman job. She finally is assisted. David is at the Chomet Editing office and announces the arrival of the fake weed. It stunk up his apartment, so he brought it there. Shane checks the weather forecast, which heralds thunderstorms, one after another. Finally the episode ends on the first day of the Hamptons shoot. The whole cast has convened and David decides on driving arrangements.

Music by Bloodstreet


Amazing!! Brianna and her cube are cute.

Nick "Boyfriend"

I still think it would have been safer if i drove... BIg shout out to blood st for the music in this episode!


- oh my gosh, Eddie!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE evyeithrng about this e-session and you did such an AMAZING job~~~!!! Such an adorable couple and you captured them so perfectly! I'll be sure to visit your blog often! :)


- Great work once again. wonderful failmy and seeing these made the story of that day appear!!!congratulations Jason, Theresa & Big sister (aunt amber too:)

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