Episode 3: The Fake Weed

David struggles to find fake marijuana. Nick considers rewriting his lines. Genevieve struggles to fit the movie in with the critically acclaimed gallery she and her friends run.

David and Shane mistakenly embark on a fruitless endeavor to find fake weed at St. Marks head shops, stores that get by selling their water pipes claiming their products are intended “for tobacco use only.” Nick feels more pressure because this project of David’s is a serious film. He feels his lines are well written, but he doesn’t think they sound right when he says them, so he might need to tweak them. Genevieve gives a tour of her friend’s studio, which houses some of her gallery’s artwork. She and her two best friends started the nomadic 7 Eleven Gallery. David justifies his lack of prop buds by alluding to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; he is satisfied with only having the leaves and not the flowers.

Music by Bloodstreet


Love Gen. She's too beautiful for words.


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