Episode 2: David discusses the possibility of a sequel

In Episode 2 David discusses the possibility of a sequel, Ryan talks about his big gamble in making the transition to Movies, Tinny talks about her sex scene and how she feels about it, and Bekim tours the park.

The episode continues in the production meeting where Episode 1 left off. David discusses with Hank and the team the prospect of putting a coda on the end of the film, setting up a possible sequel. Ryan talks about crossing platforms–kids TV to adult horror films, and about reinventing himself as artist. He got into the business to be in movies, plain and simple. Cynthia discusses her love scene as she is walking down the street and serendipitously passes a Destiny Tours bus. She and Bekim have talked about the scene and are apparently cool with it, seeing as it is essential to the story. Nevertheless she has never done one. Bekim talks about how even though he is a wild child, he is trying to strive and be successful by one day having a family.

Music by The Lost Boys


I think Tinny is going to be the next Lohan.

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