Bekim - The Interview


Movie Life:  What made you want to become an actor?

Bekim Trenova:  I’ve always loved history and period pieces... through acting I can hopefully go back in time, or well the closest you can, and live in the past and see what it was like to be apart of our evolving human species. And I really haven’t learned other skills besides that, well that’s not true... its just fun and I can hopefully make money one day.

ML:  What’s the craziest situation you’ve ever been in?

BT:  Craziest situation I’ve ever been in I cant post because my mother would kill me... but it involves police and not getting caught

ML:  If you could be on one drug all the time without any of the side effects or repercussions, what would it be?

BT:  Drugs...what are drugs?

ML:  Describe your fascinating workout regimen. What’s a garbage bag run?

BT:  Haha. Workout regime... umm I used to care way more about my body and was kinda hardcore about it... not so much now... but if I am going to do it for a role or work, it usually consist of eating super super healthy, body weight exercises, pushups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, sit-ups... then a garbage run (running with a garbage bag over your torso) was shown to me by a friend I used to model with… definitely gets u sweating a lot and gets all that water weight out of you to cut you up. Prob not the healthiest thing in the world but whateves.

ML:  How did you prepare for the role of Dan?

BT:  Dan seemed like a good guy… a lil more straight edge then myself. I picked a couple people I know like Dan and based myself off them… of course I had some Dan qualities or I wouldn’t be playing him... just went with it.

ML:  What pisses you off or pleases you most about the media?

BT:  Ummmmmm they can ruin your image, that kinda blows.... luckily i haven’t had horrible things written about me... usually just girl stuff. Hahaha... they also can make you look great... looking great means more money i suppose. Gotta have fans in this business... 

ML:  What do you think about reality TV?

BT:  Fuck reality TV… documenting is cool because it’s real. I’ve had people approach me about reality TV... said, "ain’t interested keep on movin’, don’t like your kind round here," in a southern accent.

ML:  In the words of James Lipton, what turns you on?

BT:  Beauty, wherever I can find it.

ML:  What are you dying to do in life that you haven’t done?

BT:  Ummmm I think I live pretty well and try to enjoy everything… enjoy the good bad and ugly, because they’re all very unique feelings. There’s not so much one thing I’m dying to do right away. The things I want will come when they’re supposed to.

ML:  What exactly went down on the set of Evil Weed?

BT:  David Wexler power tripping on everyone. Fucking asshole. Hahahahahahaha.

Posted by Jonathan on October 02, 2009

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