Brianna - The Interview


Movie Life: What made you want to become an actor?

Brianna Barnes:  To be honest, Lord of the Rings. I’m not going to lie, it’s true. That movie inspired me so much and made me want to be a part of something that beautiful... that could touch and inspire people on so many levels. I love making myself or other people feel or think.

ML:  How does working in the States compare with Canada?

BB:  I think Canada and the States are very similar markets in how they operate, but I feel like Canada is a little less mysterious in the sense that they'll give you feedback more often.

ML:  How have your experiences as a model shaped who you are as an actress?

BB:  I think modeling has enabled me to really be able to be comfortable in my own skin. So, therefore it definitely helped me be more confident.  Which is a big thing in acting because if you don’t believe yourself, no one else will... also getting used to seeing and hearing yourself on camera helped. I think we all remember the first time we heard our voice recorded... all I kept thinking was, Gosh, do i really sound that annoying! Haha. Some would say, Yes, yes you do.

ML:  Can you explain in words how you smile with your eyes?

BB:  Hahahaha. This is sort of linked back to the modeling and acting question. In modeling you are often asked to smile without smiling... makes no sense right? Well, one day someone asked me to smile with my eyes... so its much like acting without dialogue. What if you had to show someone how you were feeling with only your eyes?  We've all been given a look or stare and known exactly what that person meant. I cant really break it down because it's not a scientific process, I just feel it in my heart and it comes out my eyes.

ML:  How did you prepare for the role of Emily? I know you took some samurai classes...

BB:  Emily was very similar to me so I didn’t really have to step outside of the box to prepare. I did some samurai classes though so I could feel more tough. But that was just a general desire I’ve always had... swords are just cool. I did a lot of animal work though for my character.

ML:  Any advice you'd like to give kids about the dangers of drug use?

BB:  Say no. It's that simple. Nothing you experience with them will be real. Who wants to live life when anything and everything means nothing?

ML:  What do you think about reality TV?

BB:  Reality TV can be great, but a lot people don’t know about the miracles of editing. So is it really reality? I think not...

ML:  What was your favorite part of filming?

BB:  My favorite part of filming was the special effects work and various makeup! You just don’t get to do that everyday!

ML:  Who would you rather fight/date: a werewolf, a vampire, or a zombie?

BB:  I would rather date Scott Speedman in Underworld, where he is both a vampire and a werewolf. He has the best of both worlds and we can still be in the sun :)  I would fight a zombie because I think those die a lot easier?

ML:  What exactly went down on the set of Evil Weed?

BB:  Hmmmm, some seriously good film making and a lot of hard work... and bonding over Tommy's (the caterer) amazing food!!!!  Seriously, I made some great friends....

Posted by Jonathan on September 28, 2009

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