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Movie Life:  What made you want to become an actor?

Ryan Willard:  The idea that as an actor, you have the opportunity to lead different lives and do almost anything imaginable. I've been blessed with opportunities to be in front of the camera at a young age, and had some amazing memories that made me love acting. In this life I have to do what I love, and every time I'm on set I'm as happy as my seven year old self.

ML:  Tell me about your involvement in TV production.

RW:  When I was in college I interned in production at MTV Daily News. After school, it lead into a job and I freelanced within MTV Networks. In that time I got to work on some really great projects including, "True Life: I Have Autism," "Juvies," "High School Stories" and "Two-A-Days." I left the world of production so I could focus on being on the other side of the camera.

ML:  How did you prepare for the role of Murph?

RW:  To fully understand the character, I wanted to immerse myself in his world by doing the same things he does in the script... such as, making fun of hipsters and hooking up with a cute blonde girl. 

ML:  What is the population of Sillyville?

RW:  I think 37 (if you include, myself, Laurie and our dog Barney) Sillywhim + 4 Spurtlegurgles + 3 Twhirlipops + 2 Jingleheimers +  6 Bitty booties + 3 Froogy Frogs + Pasha + 10 Rolly Pollies + 3 Twittle Birds and a Whump. 

ML:  Aside from being a dream come true, how was hosting a show on Nickelodeon?

RW:  Pretty wild. The work I did for them, believe it or not, was incredibly challenging. Luckily, my co-host Mark Keller and I were surrounded by the Nickelodeon family who always made sure we were having the time of our lives in front and behind the camera. 

ML:  You didn’t get slimed did you?

RW:  Nope, my co-host and I were actually the ones who slimed people. We also poured dumpster juice, used mouth wash, old salsa and spoiled milk on the contestants of our show. I hope none of the kids are looking for revenge later on in life.

ML:  If you could “take five” actresses walking down the street who would they be?

RW:  Keira Knightley, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Emily Wickersham, Olivia Wilde, Rachel McAdams

ML:  If you were a strain of weed, what would you be called? And how evil would you be?

RW:  Killa Manila. Exotic and more dangerous than any other Asian destination.

ML:  How do you feel about reality TV?

RW:  I believe reality TV is "Fast Food Television." Incredibly cheap and quick to make, tasty for the moment, rarely organic with minimal substance or nutritional value. It's probably not good for us, but the long term effects have yet to be proven and most of America can't get enough of it. 

ML:  What exactly went down on the set of Evil Weed?

RW:  If you don't see it on "Movie Life," I'm not allowed to talk about it. All I can say is that it was hands down one of the craziest and most ridiculous experiences of my career.  Best. Workation. Ever.

Posted by Jonathan on September 23, 2009

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