Before We Started Rolling the “Joint”


A couple months ago, my brother showed me his screenplay entitled Evil Weed. I hardly had a chance to be skeptical about a film with so conspicuous a title. I quickly came to the conclusion that he was on to something, and it had to be made. As for its social commentary, the film could go either way–-couldn’t it?

What you will find out about David is that he does not use marijuana, and yet he is an artist. Could the film be interpreted as anti-pot? Sure, in some capacity the film is his critique on the subculture of cannabis. But then again, it embraces the zeitgeist of the new movement in both weed and filmmaking, and appeals to the stoner as it does to the horror freak. This film is made with care, just like its featured crop, it was made outdoors, under rigorous conditions. With “Movie Life,” the viewer is invited to luxuriate in the atmosphere of this fast paced film shot at breakneck speed. It is the tasty appetizer to the main course that is Evil Weed.

As for the cast, it is packed with a variety of talent. From child actors, to models, to “slashies,” to non-actors. Some of the cast and crew knew each other prior to production, some were meeting for the first time. Two weeks before filming, we first got together for introductions and a table reading. Ever since, a camera has been in each of our hands and the entire process has been documented, as it will continue to be up until the grand premier. We hope to attract all types of people, demographics that typically do not go for reality TV, to watching a new kind of documentary/behind-the-scenes hybrid. In essence, “Movie Life” enhances the buzz of making a thriller, while giving you a contact high.

Posted by Jonathan on August 31, 2009

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Very insightful Jon. Check out this article that just came out in NY Mag on Pot in NYC: - Maybe it's related to what you wrote.

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